ASSEFN Journal of Growth and National Development        Vol 1 No 1

ASSEFN Journal of Growth and National Development  Vol 1 No 2

The Concept and Nature of National Development

By Iwegbu, Chuks Justus


Modernization and Development in Nigeria:

Problems and Prospects By Ossai, Juliet, N (Ph.D)


Dimensions of  National Development in Emerging

nations of the world  By Uzorka, M.C Ph.D, Iwegbu Chuks Justus and Ojeme, P.N


Obstacles to  National Development in Third World Nations By Oloya, O.Benson and  Dr. Edevwie Austin Ese 


Aspects of Modernisation By Okoli, Annmarie Nkemejina and Umoru-Sule, Eseoghene (Ph.D)


Theories of  Development By Ozue Roland. C


Improving National Development Strategy Through Sustained Academic Research By Ossai Juliet. N (Ph.D) Iwegbu, Chuks. Justus, and Okoh Johnson I (Ph.D)


Under-Development : Meaning, Factors, Issues and Solutions By Uwaifo, Emmanuel. C


National Development in Nigeria: Challenges and Way Forward By Ogaga, patricia and  Ogboi, Onyeisi  Gabriel



Dimensions of  Modernization By Ogboi Onyeisi  Gabriel


Resolving the Challenges of  Development and Growth

among Emerging  Nations of the World By Egbule Philip and Ogudo A. Pius



The Globalization of the World Economy: A Reliable Instrument for World Economic Growth By Nwanne J.C and Afigwe Ijeoma O.


The Problems of Urbanization in Agbor, Delta State By Azani Nwabukwu , U and Aghulor Samuel I.


Population Growth  and Rural Environmental Degradation in Africa By Oloya,  O.Benson


Underdevelopment: Issues and Solutions By Uwaifo, Emmanuel C.


National Development:The Role of Social Studies Teacher By Ofuasia J.N & Mekunye Philips





























Self - Reliance for socio - Economic Stability: A Pivot for Sustainable National Growth and Development By Ossai Juliet. Nkonyeasua


Entrepreneurship Education: A Catalyst for Sustained Economic Growth Among Emerging Economies of the World By Dantani Manga


Industrializing  Countries of the World: A Desideratum for Sustainable Global Economic Growth.   By Okoli Annmarie  Nkemejina

Achieving Corruption Free Society For National Transformation: The Role Of Social Studies Education. By Iwegbu C. Justus

Advancing National Transformation Agenda Through Effective Family Life Education: The Role Of Social Studies By Iwegbu C. Justus

Examination Malpractice And The Question Of Underdevelopment In Nigeria By  Uzorka M. C (Ph.D) and Emejuru, P. I

Historical Background Of Insurgency And Militancy In Nigeria By Edevwie Austin Ese

Environmental Abuse In Nigeria: Implication On Public Health By Dickson B. Bekederemo

Curbing Over Population In Nigeria: A Sine Qua non  for Sustainable National Development By Ideh Eric

The Challenges Of Development Communication By Otete, O. Blessing , Morka E. Onyeisi, Osafile O. Celestina & Umunze, A. Nkechi

Environmental Education In Nigeria: Issues And Challenges By Nmorsi W. Chukwuemeke.

The Impact Of Party Defection And Corrupt Practiceson Sustainable National Development In Nigeria By Arubayi Paul, Ibude Harrison Obi & Ogaga Patricia

Rural Development Road Map For Actualizing Vision 20: 2020 Goals: Key For National Development By Okoh I. Emmanuel.

Combating the Menace of Child Abuse for National Development in Nigeria: Social Studies Education as a Tactical Weapon By Egbule Philip O. & Okobia Ayodele O.


Cross � Border Banking: Opportunities for Economic Growth and Financial Stability in Nigeria By Ozue Chukwuyem Roland & Uwaifo Emmanuel .C.

Human Resource Depletion: The  Role of Insurgency and Militancy in Nigeria By

Ofuasia, Josephine N,  (Ph.D), Eboh, Rhoda N,  (Ph.D), & Egwu, Grace I.

Poverty and poverty Alleviation Programmes in Nigeria By Uwaifo Emmanuel Chukwuekwu


Conflict Management and Leadership Style as Major Challenges to National Development in Nigeria, By Arubayi Paul


Modernization, Cultural Diversity And The Challenges Of  National Unity In The New Millennium Nigeria. By  Joseph Ibu Upla, Etim Emmanuel Asuquo & Awhen, Vincent Otesse

Role of Hadith in Moulding Character of Nigerians. By Aminu Ibrahim