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Confectionaries: Confectionaries business is of degree by degree but in general terms; it is the business of baking of all sorts of products from all manner of Cakes to Chin Chin, Bread etc. The degree one may wish to go into determines the amount of money one will need to start up this business. This baking business called Confectionaries is putting food on the tables of the families involved in this business. One good thing about this business is that little training is required.

Consulting: Getting into consulting in Nigeria is easy and rewarding if you can understand the rule of consulting. For you to register a consulting business, you need a minimum of Masters Degree or a professional qualification. Your area of specialization does not matter; people need guidance in your area of specialty.

Event Management: Managing events like wedding, naming ceremonies, house warming, funeral, e.t.c is not an easy task. Hence, many Nigerians now outsource the hectic parts of these occasions to someone they feel is an expert in these fields. If you can pull resources together, you will make fortune out of events management.

Pure Water Business: Processing of drinkable water is a business idea that has been transform into billions of Naira industry by the stakeholders. Though this industry is relatively saturated, but, what facet of human life is not?

Recharge Cards: We Nigerians love making phone calls; starting a recharge card business at any level is sure of putting cool money in your pocket. Though this is a somewhat risky business, but, life itself is risky.

Rental Services: Renting of bridal materials is a good business that one can go into without much stress. Though this kind of business requires some capital to start up, it is still worth giving a try.

Make –Up / Cosmetology: Make – Up / Cosmetology can best be described as a beauty care form of business in town today. Young graduates who out of omission or commission ventured into this are sincerely speaking smiling to the bank.

Restaurant: Restaurant business is one of those few businesses that cannot be seriously affected by economic recession and financial crisis.

Waste Management: Waste management business is of degree by degree. The degree one may wish to go into determines the amount of money one will need to start up. This business is the business waste out of the gutters and the streets to the dump site which have employed many today and it is putting food on the tables of the families involved in this business. One good thing about this business is that little training is required.

School: As long as baby boomers in Nigeria continue to grow, start up a school will never be a bad small and medium scale business idea.

Security Business: There is no doubt that Nigerians need security more than most nations of the world. The government has failed in this aspect and any business that can fill the gap created by the lack of quality governance will surely be glad he or she did.

Tailoring: Just like hair dressing, if you can follow up with the trend, you will really benefit from this business.

Fish Farming: Fish is no doubt a healthy option when it comes to eating. Except for those that are allergic to fish or those that don’t like fish naturally, fish is eaten by almost all and sundry. If you tap into this business, the odds that you will make it big time is high considering the huge human potential in Nigeria.

Trading: Buying and selling is one of the easiest ways of making money in Nigeria. Traders in Nigeria trade virtually everything that you can think of. In as much as this form of business does not really create much jobs in a country, it stimulates the economy to an extent and put money in your pocket.

Training: There is huge market for training in Nigeria as people constantly crave for knowledge. If you can really deliver quality training, you will really smile at the end of the day.

Viewing Centers: The fan base of football supporters in Nigeria continue to grow with over 80 million people watching football every week. A good portion of these people do not like watching the football match at home for various reasons. You can start up this business and rake in thousands of Naira every week if you play your card very well.

Cinema: The passion for going to see movies has been rekindled in Nigeria. The people of Nigeria are beginning to appreciate going to the movies once again. Adequate value is being attached to bonding together through outing. And the place that readily comes to mind now in Nigeria is going to the cinema.

Hair Dressing: Looking good is always good business. As a company that is hair dressing business, you will never lack customers as even those that cannot afford a three square meal still spend money in looking good.

Cleaning Services: Cleaning services providers make cool and easy money from both corporate and individual clients. Nobody likes to live in a dirty and un-kept environment. You don’t need to do much in this business, all you need to do is get the necessary equipment, put up a proposal and that is it. I know of a lady who manufactures rat-killer and is making millions from it today simply by supplying the product to banks. Packaging is the key to marketing of cleaning services. You can package window cleaning services and sell it to companies. Another form of cleaning service that you can provide is club and restaurant cleaning. Many clubs and restaurants do not which to employ fulltime cleaners and would be more than happy to have a cleaning company do that for them.

Real Estate Business: Real estate business in Nigeria is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. When I talk of real estate, I am not talking about the touts that call them-selves ‘agents’. Real estate is a respectable business that has consistently produced people in the top 10 world’s richest people in the world.

Transportation, Haulage and Logistics Services: Movement of people and equipment in Nigeria is a great business to go into and make huge profits. This business is very easy to start up and run, as the cost of operation is not so high.

Recruitment Agency: I wonder what is still holding this business back from boosting and taking the Centre stage in Nigeria. Companies constantly look for ways of cutting cost. And the first place they look into in their cost cutting quest is to down size. Based on this fact, companies will readily appreciate any business proposal promising to supply their human capital need on a pay as you go basis.

Exportation: There are very few people in the business of exportation in Nigeria. This is surprising as there is great chance of success in exporting raw materials to other countries of the world. Cassava for instance is a raw material that is in high demand outside the shores of this country as the increased interest in ethanol amongst industrialized states keep increasing.

Food Processing: More and more people spend most of their time outside their home these days and rely on food processors to supply them with on the go food. Even at home, semi prepared food has become the first choice of many busy and professional mums. This is why noodle businesses in Nigeria is raking in billions in pure profit.

Franchise/Franchising: Very few people have yet realized the hidden treasure in franchising business. Franchising is a win-win game in the sense that both the franchisee and the franchisor both smile to the bank. However, it is better to be a franchisor as it gives you more freedom to do the things that you enjoy most.

Information Technology Related: Nigerians have this flare for technology and information technology is paying off today in Nigeria. Starting up a business that will meet the needs of people in this area is not a bad business idea that you can go into depending on your expertise, experience, and qualification.

Online Business: Millions of Nigerians are joining the web design business and development every day is making fortunes daily. This makes having a credible online business a goldmine that will put cool cash into your pocket and regular food on your table. Web hosting and domain name resell for example can ensure that you always visit your bank on a regular basis. To establish a robust and successful web business you need a tested and vigorously evaluated business model. Let me for example share one of my online business models that have yielded me millions of dollars (in as much as I welcome competition, this business model will quickly fail as soon as the supply outstrips the demand, so do not copy it). I set up an e-ticket website where I sell tickets for organizations. All I did was pay a computer programmer who wrote the script for me and I consulted yellow book for the list and addresses of all businesses in my area. Bingo! A money making machine is born. This is just the way to go.


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